Calico Kids Preschool:
Where learning is an adventure!
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The curriculum at Calico Kids Preschool is Creative Curriculum with GOLD assessment. Each student's progress is tracked using the GOLD assessment Observation Record. Results are used to individualize daily lesson plans.  At Calico Kids, we believe that children learn best when they are actively involved with materials and with others. That's why our preschool program places so much emphasis on setting up the proper learning environment and building positive, meaningful relationships with children and their families. 

Preschool Initiative

Calico Kids is now a member of the Sioux City Preschool Initiative Program.  This program is a cooperative of preschool providers that are committed to high quality preschool services for children four years old in our community.  Children who attend a Preschool Initiative classroom are guaranteed instruction from a licensed teacher who holds at least a Bachelors degree in the area of preschool instruction.  Additionally, these children are guaranteed a state of Iowa endorsed curriculum that helps transition the children between preschool and kindergarten.  Last year more than 400 children were enrolled in the Preschool Initiative in the Sioux City area. 

Calico Kids Preschool
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